CSSA/CSSP certification is part of the requirements to become a Premier/Preferred level partner and to participate in the FY17 Dell Security Acceleration Rebate program.


Partners can use the promo code Partners2016 when they reach out to Sarah Faulkner at Global Knowledge to get started!


Download the CSSA/SSSP Content Pack from SFDC to access the .oft files and overview page.


Half off Dell Security CSSA and CSSP certification training

Become a security expert and earn higher rebates faster

Receive 50-percent off CSSA and CSSP certification training this summer. This partner offer has been extended to Oct. 31, 2106. Use promotional code Partners2016, for these two-day courses and save more than $1,000 ($999 registration fee).  If you complete the CSSA course, you’ll receive a TZ SOHO and if you fulfill the CSSP certification, you’ll receive a TZ300.
Program Contact:  Email Sarah Faulkner or call 919-463-7228. Please use the Partners2016 promotional code.

Additional 50% Rebate: Premier and Preferred partners can leverage the Dell Security MDF program to get a 50-percent reimbursement on the discounted price.

Program Prerequisite: The CSSA or CSSP certifications qualify you for the FY17 Dell Security Acceleration Rebate program and are required to maintain your Premier and Preferred partner status:

  • Preferred: 1 CSSA member on staff and a minimum $50,000 annual Dell Security revenue
  • Premier: 2 CSSP members on staff and a minimum $250,000 in annual Dell Security revenue

Get certified before the competency audit takes place in December 2016.